The following examples are actual custom designs, made to order, unique to the occasion or event, the personality and preferences of the recipient and with attention to the finest detail. Your gift will be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, prices and contents can vary...

Margarita Wedding Night Gift Basket
Inspired by a young couple's wedding and honeymoon in Mexico, this South American, laced wicker is packed; tequila, margarita glasses & mix, salt, cheeses, nuts and
chocolates; bubble soap, candles and a plush teddy; wedding invitation in photo frame,
and even a battery operated light set.

This custom design was $55.00

Las Vegas Wedding Picnic Basket
Plates, cups & service for four compliment this useful and romantic set,
destined for a Las Vegas honeymoon;
2 small glasses & bottles of Cabernet, 
pistachios and chocolates, snacks;
bubble soap, heart-shaped candle, dice, playing cards, picture frame and more.
This personalized gift was $45.00

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