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Spring & Summer Ideas & Seasonal gifts
Just right for someone or something special in your life

Easter Christian
w/chocolate truffle $ 24.95

Child's Easter, w/chocolate
bunny (large) $85.00

Child's Easter
(medium) $29.95

Summer Sports 
Child's Birthday $12.95

Picnic Time Wedding Basket   
(Western Theme) $150.00

Spring Birthday
(Pamper) $26.00

Spring Birthday
(Straw Hat) $14.95

Sympathy/Comfort  (spring) $31.95

Spring Welcome 

Father's Day
(Awesome Dad) $89.50

Mother's Day
(Tea Pot) $35.00

Spring Comfort
(large) $75.00

Hidden Valley

The above examples are actual custom designs, made to order, unique to the occasion or event, the personality and preferences of the recipient and with attention to the finest detail. Your gift will be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, prices and contents can vary...

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Adding unique,
creative distinction to any holiday décor,
centerpiece, gift or party enhancement

Hand Made
Wash Cloth
(4th of July)

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