The following examples are actual custom designs, made to order, unique to the occasion or event, the personality and preferences of the recipient and with attention to the finest detail. Your gift will be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, prices and contents can vary...

Veterinarian Appreciation

A willow, lined basket, filled with a variety of canine novelties (a book for doc's waiting room, small dog biscuits/stickers), an autumn candle ring & floral vine; Snacks: Planters honey cashews, imported truffles, bon-bons, Ferrero Rocher and Ghirardelli chocolates, dried fruit/nut mix, pistachios, smoked white cheddar, knife & crackers - A Great way to let the staff know you value their care…
…and bargain priced at $50.00

Gifts for or about PETS are a way of showing love and affection.  From both local and national resources, we bring you the best in gift basket design, content and value, unique to the recipient or occasion and beyond ordinary…

TIP: PET themes may be used in other categories

Doggie Birthday Delight

One hundred in dog years was a good reason for this basket; Treats and toys made a fun day for Schatzi

Pet or animal themes are a popular option
* prices  and content can vary *
TIP: Consider dog (or cat) beds
(available in a variety of sizes)

Cats 'n Washcloth Bunnies

Thank you Vets Office

A useful wicker, packed with fresh fruits, cheeses and treats,
from a very happy and appreciative customer

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Animals are
people too!


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