The following examples are actual custom designs, made to order, unique to the occasion or event, the personality and preferences of the recipient and with attention to the finest detail. Your gift will be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, prices and contents can vary...

Gramma's Favorites Birthday Basket

Stuffed with all the things this client remembers gramma loves (arts/crafts/animals and especially dogs), this artistic ensemble contains a plush stuffed dog and metal doggie picture frame, glass floral candle holder & candle, kitchen towel, and humorous 'Maxine' calendar; Pepperidge Farms cheese crackers, hazelnut candy shells, dried fruit, preserves and more...

… this arrangement was $35.00

Cows and Horses

This useful, woven wood/rope basket is packed; A plush stuffed horse and toll painted, wooden cow, centered around a horse magnet and pot holder; Hershey and Dove chocolates, bon-bons and Ferrero Rocher complement this custom birthday delight... 

…all at a price of $40.00

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